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Emmanuel Constantine BA (Hons)

My Design Philosophy:

Everything one does is an expression of who one is.


I have developed a habit and a global reputation for excellence.


Everybody sees the same things, but they make different thoughts.


Creativity is the self-bestowment of the Authority to express one’s own Freedom, including the means by which it is expressed.


At school, they say think, they don’t say feel.


All experience is emotional. I respond to Spontaneity, Improvisation, Accuracy, Sensitivity, Precision, Elegance and Finesse.


Physiology is Psychology. Energy is the expression of Mood.

Creativity depends upon management of one’s own psychology.

Creativity is Enthusiasm for Otherness:

A kind of ‘jumping-around’ pre-stored mental reference points and ending up with ‘Fresh Eyes’, by means of Fanatical Focusing.


Design, by definition, is an experimental and exploratory process, although it may be formulaic in its applications.


Exciting Ideas, although when communicated can be universal, are not created by consensus and the skills they involve are, invariably, highly individualistic, based on Sensitivity and Accuracy, expressed with Empathy.


Inspiration is an Impressionistic wash of nuanced empathies, expressed with the vigour of a Neophyte and realized and articulated by the skill of an Old Master.


Creativity is never prose.


Unorthodox connections are borne out of an innate incessant curiosity and ceaseless restlessness, in themselves driven by the desire for a sense of personal ‘joy’, for making uncommon links and constantly re-defining, by questioning and rejecting pre-conditioned and established ideas.


Exploring Ambivalence, Contradiction, Nuances and their Possibilities


Knowledge is Pre-Conditioning

Opinion is Prejudice

Culture is Propaganda


Design employs formulaic means, but does not ever express a lack of caring, insouciance or prosaicness.


Successful Design in Business is consequential and symptomatic of original, naked and honest art; not an aim in itself.


Derivative Art & Design create Commercialism.


Design is about accurately defining a Design Brief, without ever rushing to a preconceived solution.


A Design Solution is based on the Best Organization of a Visual Idea.


Marketing is about understanding and fulfilling needs, by means of an ‘economy of choice’; not in producing 'over-choice', which creates confusion.


All Art & Design is reductive and it culminates in Concision.


Sophistication is Refined Simplicity.




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